Senior Mechanical Design Engineer


We’re looking for an enthusiastic Senior Mechanical Design Engineer with a strong background in mechanical engineering. This person will serve as our primary mechanical designer for new and existing products and processes for our tilt and vacuum measurement product lines. Our tilt measurement line primarily includes electrolytic and MEMS based technology, and related signal conditioning electronics. Our vacuum measurement product line includes thermal conductivity (thermocouple, convection, and Pirani), cold cathode, and hot ion gauge technology, and associated control electronics.

Example projects include mechanical design related to:

  1. Novel tilt sensors
  2. Novel vacuum gauges
  3. Handheld and mountable control electronics
  4. Fixturing and tooling
  5. Manufacturing automation

The job requires highly detail-oriented technical and analytical thinking with a strong concern for accuracy and quality of work. It also requires a results-oriented focus and the ability to maintain project schedules and deadlines. The position will emphasize complex, independent problem solving, innovation, and self-direction. You will be working with a team of engineers, so proficiency in writing and communication is a must.

Our engineering team currently includes two manufacturing engineers, a software design engineer, a senior hardware design engineer, and a research scientist, all of whom you would be working very closely with.

Our company is close to 50 people and has been in business for over 85 years, with a mission to enable superior performance across tilt and vacuum measurement applications by committing to quality, innovation, and service. We pride ourselves on being a continuously improving organization that strives for a high level of excellence in our products, processes, and support. We collaborate as a team to foster an environment that stimulates the creation and sharing of knowledge, with a profound commitment to our employees, our customers, and our community. We endeavor to create a working environment that promotes the safety, growth, and goal attainment of our employees.

Required Skills and Background

  1. Proficient in SolidWorks and AutoCAD
  2. Proficient in Microsoft Office
  3. Detail-oriented, well-organized, and capable of working independently
  4. Exceptional writing and communication skills
  5. BS, MS, or PhD in mechanical engineering or equivalent

Additional Skills and Background (Not Required)

  1. Interest in production machines and equipment
  2. Knowledge of COMSOL
  3. Knowledge of manufacturing automation
  4. Knowledge of glass properties
  5. Knowledge of fluid mechanics
  6. Knowledge of vacuum principles

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