Televac® B2A 1*10-3 to 20 Torr Portable Vacuum Controller

Part Numbers: 2-3001-100, 2-3001-101

Compatible With: 2A Thermocouple, 2A VacuMini Thermocouple, 2A NASA Mini Thermocouple

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent portable vacuum controller
  • Small size
  • Lightweight Pirani digital vacuum gauge
  • Battery-powered Pirani analog vacuum gauge
  • Coiled cables
  • Hands-free carry case
  • Easy to read analog display designed to be used outdoors
  • Vacuum pressure controller display reads in Torr or mTorr (microns)
  • Excellent customer support for vacuum control units

The Televac® B2A Portable is a small, battery-powered, portable vacuum controller (also called a vacuum control unit, vacuum pressure controller, or digital vacuum gauge). It’s designed for use with Televac® 2A thermocouple gauges (Pirani). This vacuum pressure controller has a range of 1*10-3 Torr (1 micron) to 20 Torr (20,0000 microns) and an analog display (sweeping needle) that reads in microns (mTorr).

The portability of this vacuum controller makes it ideal for cryogenic and industrial gas applications where the vacuum controller needs to be carried to different (sometimes mobile) tanks to take vacuum measurements of their vacuum insulation or vacuum jacket. The B2A Portable has an analog display (sweeping needle), but if you’re looking for a portable vacuum controller with a digital display, we also have the VacuGuard™ portable vacuum controller.

Standard Calibration

InstrumentPart NumberPriceBuy
B2A with 2A cable, case - 110 V2-3001-100$800.00
B2A with 2A cable, case - 220 V2-3001-100-220V$880.00
B2A mini with 2A cable, case - 110 V2-3001-101$955.00
B2A mini with 2A cable, case - 220 V2-3001-101-220V$995.00

NIST Traceable Calibration

NIST traceable calibrated controllers must be purchased with a sensor and cable, please select the sensor you would like to purchase with this unit.

InstrumentPart NumberPriceBuy
B2A, 2A sensor, 10' coiled cable, carry case - 110 V2-3001-100-N-2A-110V$1,030.00

B2A, 2A sensor, 10' coiled cable, carry case - 220 V2-3001-100-N-2A-220V$1,030.00

B2A, 2A mini sensor, 10' coiled cable, carry case - 110 V2-3001-101-N-2AMINI-110V$1,105.00

B2A, 2A mini sensor, 10' coiled cable, carry case - 220 V2-3001-101-N-2AMINI-220V$1,105.00

B2A, 2A NASA sensor, 10' coiled cable, carry case - 110 V2-3001-101-N-2ANASA-110V$1,105.00

B2A, 2A NASA sensor, 10' coiled cable, carry case - 220 V2-3001-101-N-2ANASA-220V$1,105.00

B2A Portable Accessories

AccessoriesPart NumberPriceBuy
Carrying case1-2600-26$45.00
Operating Range (Torr) 1*10-3 to 20 Torr
Calibration Medium Dry air or nitrogen
Size 6.32” x 6.15” x 2.52”
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 50 °C
Set Point 1 Open collector
Storage Temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Maximum Sensors Controlled 1
Sensor types controlled 2A
1 mTorr to 10 mTorr ±1 mTorr
10 mTorr to 100 mTorr ±10% of reading
100 mTorr to 1 Torr ±20% of reading
1 Torr to 20 Torr Indication only
Analog Output None

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Display Digital Digital None None
Analog Output None 0 to 5 V DC Controller Dependent Controller Dependent
Programmable Set Points None 2 None None

While portable vacuum controllers are the best vacuum controller option for some applications, other applications are better suited for a rack/panel mountable vacuum controller or an active vacuum gauge where the electronics head is connected directly to the passive vacuum gauge (instead of with a cable).

If you’re interested in a rack/panel mounted vacuum controller, a good place to start is the MX200. If you’re interested in an active vacuum gauge, check out the MX4A for low vacuum measurement (10-3 to 1000 Torr) and the MX7B for high vacuum measurement (10-8 to 10-3 Torr).