Televac® MX200/MM200 Modules

7B cold cathode module for the MX200 and MM200 Vacuum Controller from Televac

MX200/MM200 Accessory Modules

MX200/MM200 ModulesPart NumberPriceBuy
Power supply module2-6200-313$325.00
RS-232, RS-485 communications2-6200-213$290.00
Set point quad relay2-6200-411*$405.00
2A thermocouple, 2 channel2-6200-486**$420.00
4A convection, 2 channel2-6200-415***$420.00
1E piezo-diaphragm, 2 channel6-6200-220$385.00
1F piezo-diaphragm, 2 channel2-6200-244$380.00
7B cold cathode, 1 channel2-6200-227$730.00
7E, 7F, 7FC, 7FCS cold cathode, 1 channel2-6200-285$845.00
7E cold cathode, 1 channel (MM200 only)2-6200-223$720.00
7F, 7FC cold cathode, 1 channel (MM200 only)2-6200-245$815.00
3F mini BA (MM200 only)2-6200-291$815.00
CDG, 2 channel2-6200-452$630.00

*2-6200-411 replaces PN 2-6200-211
** 2-6200-486 replaces PN 2-6200-286
*** 2-6200-415 replaces PN 2-6200-215