Tilt Measurement

Agricultural Vehicles

GPS error correction for harvesters and tractors. Control sprayer boom angle and boom height.

Construction Vehicles

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) including scissor lifts, bucket lifts, boom-mounted buckets, and vehicle-mounted boom buckets

RV Leveling (Hydraulic Systems)

Auto leveling systems are more efficient and effective than using multiple manual jacks and traditional, inaccurate bubble levels. What’s at the heart of an RV auto leveling system? A tilt sensor.

Televac Vacuum Measurement

Heat Treat/Vacuum Furnaces

Robust and contamination-resistant technology from patented cold cathode and convection gauges to digital vacuum gauges and controllers.


Thin Film


E Beam Welders

Vacuum Distillation

Precision Components

Fredericks filaments

Analytical Equipment (RGAs, Mass Spectrometers)