October 10, 2016 by The Fredericks Company

New Dual Axis Inclinometer Offers Microprocessor-Based Electronics With Analog Output For Solar Tracking, Industrial & OEM Applications

The Fredericks Company, a leading ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer of electrolytic tilt sensor and inclinometer products, has announced release of their new Dual Axis Inclinometer (Part #0729-1755-99) with 0-5 V analog outputs (x & y axis) for PWM and temperature.

Designed for easy use and interface with all types of instrumentation and equipment, the new inclinometer offers an angle range of +60° over x and y axis, 0.2 arc minutes resolution (.003 degrees), and +0.1 degrees repeatability. The inclinometer’s compact, high impact plastic housing encloses microprocessor-based electronics that provide long term repeatability and environmental durability (-40°C to + 85°C operating temperature range) in the most demanding applications. Custom angle ranges are available.

Typical applications include but are not limited to solar tracking, aerial lift platforms, construction equipment, alarm system activation, machine tool leveling, medical equipment positioning and monitoring, and mobile and stationary cranes.

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