0703-0703-99 - TrueTILT™ Single-Axis Narrow-Range Electrolytic Tilt Sensor

Not recommended for new designs.
Replaced by TrueTILT™ Single-Axis Narrow-Range Electrolytic Tilt Sensor PN 0703-0711-99.

TrueTILT™ Single-Axis Narrow-Range Electrolytic Tilt Sensor

The 0703-0703-99 TrueTILT™ narrow-range electrolytic tilt sensor has a robust, all-metal construction providing durability while maintaining superior tolerances and sensor-to-sensor performance. It is an economical tilt sensor ideal for a versatile range of applications in many markets.

Operating Range±2°
Linear Range±0.25°
Number of Axes1
Null Offset±0.25°
Operating Temperature-20 °C to 50 °C
Storage Temperature-55 °C to 125 °C
Time Constant≤1 s

Construction laser instruments and transits
Aircraft avionics
Geophysical and structural monitoring
Machine tool/platform leveling
Medical positioning and monitoring