1-6200-012 Analog/RS-232 Signal Conditioner - Electrolytic Tilt Sensor Circuit

Part Number: 1-6200-012

Electrolytic tilt sensors require a basic electrolytic tilt sensor circuit to generate a tilt angle output. These are often called signal conditioners, signal conditioning boards, or electronic tilt sensors. Fredericks’ single/one axis 0703 TrueTILT™ series tilt sensors can be mounted directly on these boards for a complete inclinometer solution. The sensors are mounted orthogonally (at a 90° angle), making it a dual/two axis solution. The 16-bit ADC input and 16-bit DAC output resolution allow this signal conditioner to provide exceptional accuracy in a variety of applications.

This electrolytic tilt sensor circuit has 0 to 5 V DC analog outputs and RS-232 communications and mounting holes, making it simple to integrate into your own design. If you’d like to integrate the electrolytic tilt sensor circuit PCB into your own circuit design, The Fredericks Company can offer bills of material, Gerber files, and firmware source files along with engineering support for the integration. We have electrical/hardware, firmware, and mechanical design engineers on staff to assist with this process.


1-6200-012 Analog/RS-232 Electrolytic Tilt Sensor Circuit – Electronic Tilt Sensor Features:

  1. Small size electronic tilt sensor
  2. 0 to 5 V DC analog outputs and RS-232 communications for simple integration
  3. Mounting holes and connectors for simple integration
  4. 16-bit ADCs and DACs for superior accuracy
  5. 0703 TrueTILT™ series sensors can be mounted directly on the board
Signal Conditioning BoardPart NumberPrice
An/RS-232 Signal Conditioning Board1-6200-012$184.75
Operating Specifications
Communications RS-232
Supply Voltage 7 V DC to 16 V DC
Supply Current 20 mA @ 7 V DC
Operating Temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C to 125 °C
Output 16 bit (0 to 65535 counts)
Temperature Sensor Range -40 °C to 125 °C
Physical Characteristics
Housing None
Electrical Connections 8 Pin, 2.54 mm (0.1”) spacing
Weight 20 g
Length 45 mm (1.77″)
Width 45 mm (1.77″)
Height 12 mm (0.46″)
Hole Center 38mm (1.50″)

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