Custom Glass Forming

The Fredericks Company has wide-ranging capabilities for developing custom glass products. With successful prototype development, Fredericks can supply the quantities required for your production needs. Products such as glass flares, glass bulbs, glass vials, glass tubulations, glass beads, glass pens, glass envelopes and glass flow cells were developed from prototype and expediently introduced into production by The Fredericks Company.

The many types of glass we form includes:

  • Soft glass
  • Hard glass
  • Pyrex®
  • Uranium
  • Nonex
  • Quartz


Our in-house technical capabilities that lead to statistical precision and high repeatability include:

  • Glass lathe fabrication
  • Multi-head high-speed forming
  • Freehand glass forming
  • Hermetic vacuum sealing
  • Flat lapping and polishing
  • Precision ID and OD grinding, honing and polishing
  • Graded seal fusing


Whatever glass design you have, contact our glass engineering specialists for an appraisal and determination of how we can address your needs.