Nude Bayard Alpert Ion Gauge - Hot Cathode

The ETI series of Bayard Alpert ion gauges (also called a vacuum gauge, vacuum transducer, or hot cathode) feature a burnout-resistant iridium coated filament or two tungsten filaments for vacuum measurement. This vacuum gauge has a wide measurement range of 10-10 to 10-3 Torr and can be outgassed for extended life of the vacuum gauge and cleaning of hot cathode contamination. The dual filament vacuum gauge design allows you to use the second filament when the first filament burns out or becomes heavily contaminated in this vacuum transducer.

Looking for a cleanable, longer lasting solution? We suggest looking at our cold cathode technology, such as the 7FCS cold cathode vacuum gauge. This is a different vacuum gauge technology for ion gauge pressure measurement using a cold cathode vacuum transducer (instead of a hot cathode) which is less susceptible to contamination and is more easily cleaned when the vacuum gauge does become contaminated.


The Televac Series Bayard Alpert Ion Gauge – Hot Cathode – Features

  • Low cost vacuum gauge
  • Outgassing and dual filaments for extended vacuum gauge lifetime
  • Reliable hot cathode technology
  • Contamination resistant vacuum transducer and resistant to inrushes of gas
  • Excellent customer support for vacuum transducers

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PriceBuyPN TFCPn gp mksFilamentCoatingFlangePin config
3303-8305-451274 0431 IridiumThoriaCF406 Pin
3302-8305-012274 0222 TungstenNoneCF405 Pin
3302-8305-02None2 TungstenNoneCF406 Pin
3302-8305-051274 0412 TungstenNoneCF405 Pin
3302-8305-212274 0502 TungstenNoneKF405 Pin
3302-8305-251274 0572 TungstenNoneKF405 Pin
3301-8305-012274 0232 IridiumThoriaCF405 Pin
3301-8305-02None2 IridiumThoriaCF406 Pin
3301-8305-051274 0422 IridiumThoriaCF405 Pin
3301-8306-02None2 IridiumThoriaCF406 Pin
Connection 2-3/4”, 1” conflat or KF 40 flange
Envelope None
Mounting Position Vertical
Collector .005” tungsten
Filament Replaceable thoria-coated iridium or dual tungsten (8130)
Grid Ta and Pt/Mo support squirrel cage
Sensitivity for N2 25/Torr
X-ray Limit 2*10-10 Torr
Operating Pressure 2*10-11 to 1*10-3 Torr
Electron-Bombardment Degas 40 W @ 500 V
Resistance-Heated Degas n/a
Bakeout Temperature 450 °C