Televac® Sensor Filters

Part Numbers: 2-2100-50, 2-2100-98

Compatible With: 2A Thermocouple, 4A Convection

Features and Benefits:

  • For 2A Thermocouple and 4A Convection Sensors
  • Designed to trap solid particles and condensable gases to minimize sensor contamination
  • Cost-effective nickel-plated brass and rugged stainless steel construction with a simple design for easy operation
  • Cost-effective solution that prolongs the life of the sensor by minimizing contaminants
  • Simple, rugged, reliable

The sensor filter is designed to trap solid particles, condensable gases, and pump oil droplets that may enter the sensor and contaminate the elements. It consists of a three-stage optically dense baffle and should be installed between the sensor tube and vacuum chamber. The connection is a 1/8” NPT fitting. The filter may be installed in any position although the most effective position is vertical with the threads downward.

It is recommended that the filter be removed and cleaned periodically with benzene or other solvent followed by an acetone rinse and blown out with compressed air. Use of the filter is recommended in any system where the thermocouple sensor is subject to contamination from the system. It is effective in prolonging the life of the sensor and it is not itself expendable.

ImageSensor FiltersPart NumberPriceBuy
Sensor Filters - Filter Gauge Tube 1/8
Filter Gauge Tube 1/82-2100-50$90.00
Sensor Filters - Filter Gauge Tube 3/8
Filter Gauge Tube 3/82-2100-98$100.00