Televac® Sensor Simulators

Sensor simulators are designed to electrically simulate Televac® sensors at specific pressures. These units allow for simple troubleshooting of issues relating to cabling, sensors, and electronics. We offer simulators for the Televac® 2A thermocouple, 4A convection, 7B cold cathode, 7E cold cathode, and 7F cold cathode. Part numbers for each are listed below.

2A Thermocouple SimulatorsPart NumberPriceBuy
2A Simulator Octal Zero (Red Line, 0 microns)2-2100-237$170.00
2A Simulator Octal 3 Point (0, 100, 1000 microns)2-2100-242$240.00
Mini 2A Simulator Zero (Red Line, 0 microns)2-2100-240$305.00
Mini 2A Simulator 3 Point (0, 100, 1000 microns)2-2100-241$390.00
4A Convection SimulatorsPart NumberPriceBuy
4A Simulator Octal Zero (Red Line, 0 microns)2-2119-000$170.00
4A Simulator Octal 3 Point (0, 1, 760 Torr)2-2119-003$240.00
7B 7E 7F Cold Cathode SimulatorsPart NumberPriceBuy
7B Simulator 2 Point (1*10^-3 and 1*10^-5 Torr)2-2100-93$235.00
7E Simulator 2 Point (1*10^-2 and 1*10^-5 Torr)2-2142-000$250.00
7F Simulator 2 Point (1*10^-3 and 1*10^-5 Torr)2-2145-000$250.00
Simulators with Customer Specified ValuesPart NumberPriceBuy
2A Simulator Octal (1 to 30 microns)6-2100-237$245.00
2A Simulator Octal (31 to 180 microns)6-2100-243$245.00
2A Simulator Octal (181 to 1000 microns)6-2100-245$245.00
Mini 2A Simulator (1 to 30 microns)6-2100-240$380.00
Mini 2A Simulator (31 to 180 microns)6-2100-244$380.00
Mini 2A Simulator (181 to 1000 microns)6-2100-246$380.00
4A Simulator to Customer Specification (One Point)6-2119-000$250.00