Sensor Simulators

Sensor simulators are designed to electrically simulate Televac sensors at specific pressures. These units allow for simple troubleshooting of issues relating to cabling, sensors, and electronics. We offer simulators for the Televac 2A, 4A, 7B, 7E, and 7F. Part numbers for each are listed below.

2A Thermocouple SimulatorsPart NumberPriceBuy
2A Simulator Octal Zero (Red Line, 0 microns)2-2100-237$170.00
2A Simulator Octal 3 Point (0, 100, 1000 microns)2-2100-242$240.00
Mini 2A Simulator Zero (Red Line, 0 microns)2-2100-240$305.00
Mini 2A Simulator 3 Point (0, 100, 1000 microns)2-2100-241$390.00
4A Convection SimulatorsPart NumberPriceBuy
4A Simulator Octal Zero (Red Line, 0 microns)2-2119-000$170.00
4A Simulator Octal 3 Point (0, 1, 760 Torr)2-2119-003$240.00
7B 7E 7F Cold Cathode SimulatorsPart NumberPriceBuy
7B Simulator 2 Point (1*10^-3 and 1*10^-5 Torr)2-2100-93$235.00
7E Simulator 2 Point (1*10^-2 and 1*10^-5 Torr)2-2142-000$250.00
7F Simulator 2 Point (1*10^-3 and 1*10^-5 Torr)2-2145-000$250.00
Simulators with Customer Specified ValuesPart NumberPriceBuy
2A Simulator Octal (1 to 30 microns)6-2100-237$245.00
2A Simulator Octal (31 to 180 microns)6-2100-243$245.00
2A Simulator Octal (181 to 1000 microns)6-2100-245$245.00
Mini 2A Simulator (1 to 30 microns)6-2100-240$380.00
Mini 2A Simulator (31 to 180 microns)6-2100-244$380.00
Mini 2A Simulator (181 to 1000 microns)6-2100-246$380.00
4A Simulator to Customer Specification (One Point)6-2119-000$250.00