Slip/Ball Bank Indicators

For tilt applications where a visual indication or measurement is required, Fredericks ball bank indicators are ideal. Ball bank indicators are comprised of a glass tube bent to a specific radius, which determines its angular range. A ball is inserted in the tube, then the tube is filled with a clear, wide-temperature-range fluid and hermetically sealed. Decals and paint are applied based on the individual customer’s requirements. Ball bank indicators are assembled under the most exacting standards using fixtures, processes, and tooling developed by our engineers. This allows us to offer a product that will provide years of consistent performance and reliability no matter what the application.

Typical applications include aircraft instrumentation, hospital bed-angle gauges, recreational vehicle tilt warning, and inclination indicators for sailing vessels. When your application demands a rugged, reliable visual tilt indication, Fredericks inclinometers provide a practical, accurate, and economical solution.