Televac® Vacuum Calibration & Service

Televac® calibration and service are available for all Televac® vacuum measurement systems. Whether your old equipment needs an evaluation, service, or your vacuum system requires quarterly, semi-annual or annual calibration, Televac®’s service department can handle your most demanding requirements.

Calibration is a critical component of any company’s quality management system. More than ever, these systems are requiring traceability to standards that ensure performance within the stated accuracy requirements of the measurement systems. If requested, Televac®’s calibration lab will perform vacuum calibrations traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). Standard electrical calibrations are also available. Our lab is equipped with traceable vacuum measurement systems enabling us to measure from 760 Torr to 1*10-7 Torr.

All calibrations, as defined by our controlled procedures, include calibration certificates documenting the details of the calibration performed. Calibrations traceable to NIST receive both incoming and outgoing calibration data. Click here to learn more about Televac® Tolerances.

Televac® will calibrate and/or service the following Televac® vacuum gauges: thermocouple gauges, convection gauges, diaphragm gauges, cold cathode ionization gauges, and hot filament ionization gauges.

Click here to read the Service Order RMA Instructions and Terms & Conditions

Note: Equipment received without a service order number or documentation will not be processed by the calibration lab and may result in an $80.00 service charge.

A service fee will be applied to all evaluations/inspections. This fee is waived only when other services, such as calibrations and/or services, are contracted.

Televac Service Order (RMA) - Request for Calibration & Service

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* Please note that calibration will automatically be assigned a one-year calibration interval unless specified otherwise in the special instructions section below. For NIST calibrations and all system evaluations, sensors and cables must be returned with the controller. Failure to do so will result in an additional service charge.

* If this is a calibration, please describe the calibration (i.e number of sensors and channels,) including which channels are to be NIST calibrated. We will NIST calibrate all sensors/channels if this information is not provided at the time of order. If this is a repair, please describe the issues you're experiencing with the unit.
To pay by credit card or if you don't know your PO number, please call us at +1 (215) 947-2500
*Expedited shipping is available for an additional charge. For more information call us at +1 (215) 947-2500
Hazardous Materials Declaration*
In compliance with Federal OSHA Safety Standard 1910-1200, Hazard Communications "right to know", Televac requires that all equipment being returned not present a potential health risk to personnel that can occur when receiving, dismantling, or servicing potentially contaminated equipment. Televac cannot accept any biological hazards, radioactive material, organic metals, or mercury-contaminated equipment. Equipment will not be processed if these terms are not met. I certify that all equipment sent to Televac meets the above requirements.