0717-2201-99 ±70° Glass Dual-Axis Electrolytic Tilt Sensor

This electrolytic tilt sensor (also sometimes called an electronic tilt sensor) gives a wide-range measurement up to ±70° with an extremely high accuracy of ±0.003° in two axes (dual-axis measurement). It’s a glass, hermetically sealed sensor for use in less extreme environments than our similar Fredericks all-metal tilt sensors, and this sensor is smaller in size than the similar 0717-5201-99. This sensor is the highest accuracy wide-range sensor we offer, but it’s also higher cost than similar 0717 and 0703 series sensors.

所有的电解传感器都需要一个 电解倾斜传感器电路(也通常被称为信号调节器或信号调节器)来提供倾斜角度输出。这可以内置于您的系统中,也可以购买我们设计的电解倾斜传感器电路。我们的电路经过优化,使我们的电子倾斜传感器具有最佳性能。

To learn more about the principles of electrolytic sensors and how to integrate our sensors into your application, see our Technical Information page. Confused about terminology? The following terms are often used interchangeably, though they have slightly different meanings; tilt sensor, electrolytic tilt sensor, and electronic tilt sensor.

工作范围 ±70°
线性范围 ±30°
斧头数量 2
重复性 ±0.003°
空心偏移 ±5°
操作温度 -40℃至85℃
储存温度 -55℃至125℃
时间常数 ≤100毫秒