0717-4313-99 ±50° Dual-Axis Electrolytic Tilt Sensor

This electrolytic tilt sensor (also sometimes called an electronic tilt sensor) gives a wide-range measurement up to ±50° with high accuracy of ±0.05° in two axes (dual-axis measurement). It has an industrial-grade, all-metal, and hermetically sealed sensor design for use in the most extreme environments. This sensor is slightly higher accuracy and higher cost than the similar 0717-4319-99 sensor, but it is still lower cost than all of our other metal and glass electrolytic sensors.

All of our electrolytic sensors require an electrolytic tilt sensor circuit (also commonly referred to as signal conditioning or a signal conditioner) to provide a tilt angle output. This can be built into your system or you can purchase an electrolytic tilt sensor circuit we’ve designed. Our circuits are optimized for the best performance from our electronic tilt sensors.

To learn more about the principles of electrolytic sensors and how to integrate our sensors into your application, see our Technical Information page. Confused about terminology? The following terms are often used interchangeably, though they have slightly different meanings; tilt sensor, electrolytic tilt sensor, and electronic tilt sensor.

Product Description
±50° Dual-Axis Electrolytic Tilt Sensor
±50° Dual-Axis Electrolytic Tilt Sensor
PN: 0717-4313-99
工作范围 ±50°
线性范围 ±20°
斧头数量 2
重复性 ±0.05°
决议 ≤0.003°
空心偏移 ≤5°
操作温度 -40℃至85℃
储存温度 -55℃至125℃
时间常数 ≤100毫秒
高度(包括引线) 18.8 mm (0.74″)
直径(盖) 8.3 mm (0.325″)
直径(法兰盘) 9.1 mm (0.360″)
引线间距(中心到中心) 5.1 mm (0.200″)
引线直径 0.5毫米(0.020″)
引线长度 5.1 mm (0.200″)
重量 1.5 g