The Televac 7B cold cathode gauge (also called a Penning ionization gauge or cold cathode ionization gauge) has a measurement range from 10-7 Torr up to 10-3 Torr. This vacuum gauge makes indirect absolute pressure measurements by ionizing gas in the presence of a magnetic field. Unlike hot filament vacuum gauges, the 7B is cleanable, contamination resistant, and isn’t as easily damaged by inrushes of gas.

The design of this vacuum gauge allows for easy disassembly, enabling quick cleaning and extended use. The 7B Penning ionization gauge can be operated by the Televac MX200 rack-mountable controller or as an active gauge via the MX7B. Any vacuum controller will automatically operate the 7B to provide a full-range vacuum measurement solution (from atmosphere/760 Torr to 10-7 Torr) when the 7B is used in conjunction with rough vacuum sensors like the 2A or 4A. Active vacuum gauges can also be combined using the MX2A/MX4A and MX7B to provide full range vacuum measurement.

Televac 7B潘宁电离冷阴极计特点。

  • 低成本真空计
  • Easily cleaned vacuum gauge for extended sensor lifetime
  • 耐用的潘宁电离计结构
  • 可靠的冷阴极电离仪技术
  • 耐污染、耐气体冲刷、可清洗。
  • 可在任何方向安装
  • 优秀的客户支持
7B 潘宁磁控冷阴极部件号价格购买
3/4" NPT 黄铜2-2100-263$360.00
1" 黄铜直管2-2100-265$480.00
1 ¼" 直铜2-2100-266$475.00
NW25(DN25 ISO-KF)不锈钢。2-2100-272$475.00
工作范围 1*10-7托尔至1*10-3托尔之间。
模拟输出 取决于控制器
电源电压 取决于控制器
安装方向 任何
校准介质 干燥空气或氮气
过压 150 psi
模拟输出分辨率 取决于控制器
操作温度 0℃至50℃
储存温度 -20℃至70℃
烘烤温度 120 °C
响应时间 ≤50毫秒
准确度 1*10-6托尔至1*10-3托尔:±0.2个10年




MX7B Active Cold Cathode Gauge MX200真空控制器 MC300真空控制器 7FCS Quick Start Cold Cathode Vacuum Gauge
MX7B冷阴极 MX200 MC300 7FCS冷阴极
测量范围 1*10-8至1*10-3 Torr 1*10-11 to 10,000 Torr 1*10-11 至1000托尔 1*10-11 至1*10-2 Torr
沟通 RS-485/USB RS-232/RS-485/USB
模拟输出 可配置的0至10 V DC 0至10 V DC(每个传感器1个)。 0至10 V DC(每个传感器1个)。 取决于控制器
可编程设置点 2 0、4或8 4